IRO Oldenburg

For the 35th time the two-day event IRO takes place in Oldenburg. In addition to many technical presen­ta­tions on current topics related to under­ground pipeline construction, 440 exhibitors will present their companies. Our team, consisting of Günter Storcks, Martin Dresler and Thorsten Lucht, will also be there and is looking forward to getting in touch with you. You will find us in hall 1 at booth M A3.03.

K Show 2022

At K Show, the world’s leading trade fair for plastics, we also present world records: the largest PE 100 pressure pipe fittings and the largest homoge­neously extruded PE 100 and PP semi-finished products. With our expertise in joining polyolefin pressure pipe systems (PE 100, PE 100-RC, PE-RT, PB, PA, PP‑R, …) we can help you solve your challenges. Meet our team at our booth B16 in hall 7a and discuss your projects with us!

Specialties and special tees

In the planning process and during the instal­lation of pipelines, the overall situation and use of the construction site after closing must be considered in addition to the intended function. Initially, a pipe run in the open excavation does not always seem to make sense. Here, the construction plans provide revealing information!

In this showcased situation we used seamless bends and machined elbows in connection with HP flanges, special flanges, T‑pieces, branches with special angles and prefab­ri­cated PE 100 pipe offsets in order to complete a required pipe run in a quick and economical manner as desig­nated by the project planner. Reinert-Ritz provided all molded parts in the dimension of d 400 mm SDR 17 to d 500 mm SDR 17.

Say Tees!

A final report about the very inter­esting project for the sewage plant near Boras in Sweden. This time regarding the 7 km long pipeline. The pipeline was equipped with several air release valves to be able to release gases. It was chosen to install a pair of these valves on a collector mounted on Reinert-Ritz PE100 tees. The tees were of the dimension d 1000 mm SDR 17 with a branch of d 450 mm SDR 17. For easier fitting to the rest of the system, the tees were elongated with pipe ends to 1 meter directly in the factory.

The solution with fully pressure compliant tee’s milled of homogenous extruded PE100 rods is a once in a lifetime investment since the PE100 is completely corrosion resistant. Unlike the stainless steel collectors which will require regular mainte­nance, the PE pipeline and PE fittings will shine with enjoyable low lifecycle cost. Well, the collectors in PE100 is for the next time!

The right solution

For the new pump station of the sewage plant near Boras in Sweden, Reinert-Ritz was offered the oppor­tunity to contribute two puddle flange fittings in PE 100 in combi­nation with our special flange to the project. The puddle flanges allowing to lead the pipes into the pump station of the plant were of 1.000 mm in diameter SDR 17. For easier fitting to the rest of the system, these were elongated with pipe ends to 4 meter directly in the factory. The installed special flange becomes necessary with flange transition pieces to acces­sories where large cross-section changes occur due to the flange joint dimen­sions and the plastic pipe dimen­sioning. The advantage of the special flange is on one side that it helps to maintain a laminar flow of the sewage water without creating turbu­lences in front of the connected accessory and secondly, to avoid actuation problems of the valves as a result of the displacement in dimen­sions. Ordinary weld stub also tend to fail under full pressure.

With the special flange connection, Reinert-Ritz can solve all these problems and enable the pressure class-compatible connection of plastic pipes to acces­sories with the same inner diameter. The stub end is designed as a fixed flange and is fitted with a backing flange. This allows the accessory to be selected according to the nominal size of the pipe – one step less than in the case of a conven­tional loose flange connection which reduces the project costs and the risk of deposits.

The right angle

Construction of a new sewage plant near Boras in Sweden offered the possi­bility to contribute with different PE 100 fittings around this project. For the new pump station of the plant the design required PE 100 pipes of 1.000 mm in diameter and corre­sponding fittings for the pipe works. For space saving reasons one decided to implement our machined 45° elbows d 1000 SDR 17 for the direc­tional changes of the pipeline. A special combi­nation of two of them enabled 90° elbows as you can see from the images. Equipped with 1.200 mm long pipe spigots welded to the elbows in our shop floor it was easy to handle and to weld them on site.

Before & After

An existing pipeline water system in Sweden required the replacement of a 45° branch d 560 mm by a cross piece to accom­modate a further pipe connection. The previous 45° branch, as might be noticed by one or the other, was origi­nally engineered by Reinert-Ritz, so replacing it with a cross fitting was obviously a piece of cake. The new cross piece with d 560 mm and one 45°branch, included reducers on the main axis from d 560 mm down to d 450 mm. All connection to the existing pipeline were realised with our HP Flanges DN 600 PN 10 or DN 500 PN 10 on the reduced side. Given that the previous and the new fitting were manufac­tured in the same house, the usual uncon­di­tional relia­bility was guaranteed and saved time in the project realisation.

Upgrading a pumping station

The extension of existing pipeline networks is always a challenge, most often due to the restricted space available and the required allocation of additional branch pipes. So in this case where the pipeline network of a pump station was extended by 2 addition pipelines that made branches of 79°, 71°and 68°nessesary, re-joining the main DN 400 PN 10 pipeline. The design of the component meeting precisely the required angles of the branches, saved a consid­erable amount of time during the expansion of the pump station pipeline system.

Reduced instal­lation time with customized prefabrications

Refur­bishing the whole in-house cast iron pipe instal­lation of their water utility plant in the shortest possible time was the major target of the management of DESWA water company in order to ensure supply of drinking water to the inhab­i­tants of Dessau. Besides this maintaining the archi­tec­tural structure of the building as well as consid­ering the existing measuring and control technology was a focus to be obeyed. Thanks to the early involvement of Reinert-Ritz techni­cians the assigned engineering office specified prefab­ri­cated assem­blies made of PE100 based on tailor-made fittings matching the require­ments of the existing instal­lation. Using 3D measuring of the old assembly we were able to design and supply prefabs made of corrosion free PE100 pipes and fittings in dimen­sions ranging from d 140 mm up to d 400 mm comprising special flanges, HP-flanges, elbows, bents and t‑pieces with additional 1” and 2” threaded branches to connect the existent measuring and control technology. Installers as well as the management were happy about the easy and quick instal­lation of the prefabs supplied.
All targets were met: the water supply could be re-estab­lished in a very short time.

Size matters indeed!

Our many years of experience and the resulting know-how in the production of homoge­neously extruded hollow bars enable us to take on challenges in ever larger dimen­sional ranges. The PE100 hollow bar shown has an outer diameter of 2.35 m and a wall thickness of 40 cm.
Fittings for large pipe diameters that meet pressure class require­ments in particular require extremely reliable semi-finished products in order to achieve the desired result. Blanks of this hollow rod served as the basis for the PE-part of our special flanges of dimension d 2000 mm designed for full system pressure rating.

Renovation and extension of a sewage pumping station

In order to replace cast iron pipes and fittings and for the extension of the system in a waste­water pumping station our customer decided to offer a PE100 solution. For the reali­sation of special require­ments such as multi branched tees, pressure class conform flanges and constraints in assembly procedure and space he relied on the experience and the possi­bil­ities of Reinert-Ritz. We are proud to have designed, manufac­tured and delivered tailor-made fittings such as flow-optimized flanged reducers both concentric as well as eccentric, space saving elbows, multi branched tees – partly pre-assembled and partly a welding combi­nation of several of the special solutions ranging from d 1000 mm SDR 11 down to d 200 mm SDR 11. The modular design of the compo­nents consid­ering limited space and instal­lation sequences ensured a reasonable workflow and the completion of the job in time.

Tailor-made fitting for a water Company

For the refur­bishment of an existing instal­lation in a water utility plant our customer required a special solution made of PE100 in order to avoid an expensive stainless steel solution or the recon­struction of the building which would have been necessary in case of choosing PE-fittings from the shelf. The constraints to be obeyed were limited space and exact overall length all combined in a full pressure rated flanged PE100 T‑crosspiece of dimension d 225 SDR 17. Thanks to our experience, close cooper­ation of our design department, our sales team and our customer we supplied a long-lasting, compact solution matching customers’ require­ments and helping cost saving for years. The image shows the T‑crosspiece comprising our new corrosion resistant fibre reinforced HP-flanges d 225 DN 200.