Precisely manufactured and completely pressure class conform assembly

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Do you know, in which industry this factory preassembled PE100 SDR 11 component is going to find its place and contribute to something that most of you will appreciate served cold? Something we in Germany have a high reputation for? I guess you got it! Precisely manufactured and completely pressure class conform, this assembly is made of 4 aligned single Reinert-Ritz tees d 250 SDR 11 with pipe lengthened braches, combined with our special flanges in d 200 SDR 11. The component is extended in the main section with 900 mm of pipe d 250 SDR 11 at one end, and at the opposite with a Reinert-Ritz special flange of the same properties.


This part will play an important role in the transportation and distribution of brewing water of a indispensable and cultural valuable German beverage. What the pictures do not say, is that this product was made under extreme time pressure as it was required as a replacement part. From the initial demand to the delivery Reinert-Ritz realized the component in only 6 days, not working days, means there was also a weekend in-between! And thanks to the precise preassembly we could also make sure that built in times were as low as possible. And so one good thing comes to another. Cheers, or how we say in Germany: Prost!


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PE 100

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