Before & After

An existing pipeline water system in Sweden required the replacement of a 45° branch d 560 mm by a cross piece to accom­modate a further pipe connection. The previous 45° branch, as might be noticed by one or the other, was origi­nally engineered by Reinert-Ritz, so replacing it with a cross fitting was obviously a piece of cake. The new cross piece with d 560 mm and one 45°branch, included reducers on the main axis from d 560 mm down to d 450 mm. All connection to the existing pipeline were realised with our HP Flanges DN 600 PN 10 or DN 500 PN 10 on the reduced side. Given that the previous and the new fitting were manufac­tured in the same house, the usual uncon­di­tional relia­bility was guaranteed and saved time in the project realisation.