Reduced instal­lation time with customized prefabrications

Refur­bishing the whole in-house cast iron pipe instal­lation of their water utility plant in the shortest possible time was the major target of the management of DESWA water company in order to ensure supply of drinking water to the inhab­i­tants of Dessau. Besides this maintaining the archi­tec­tural structure of the building as well as consid­ering the existing measuring and control technology was a focus to be obeyed. Thanks to the early involvement of Reinert-Ritz techni­cians the assigned engineering office specified prefab­ri­cated assem­blies made of PE100 based on tailor-made fittings matching the require­ments of the existing instal­lation. Using 3D measuring of the old assembly we were able to design and supply prefabs made of corrosion free PE100 pipes and fittings in dimen­sions ranging from d 140 mm up to d 400 mm comprising special flanges, HP-flanges, elbows, bents and t‑pieces with additional 1” and 2” threaded branches to connect the existent measuring and control technology. Installers as well as the management were happy about the easy and quick instal­lation of the prefabs supplied.
All targets were met: the water supply could be re-estab­lished in a very short time.