Renovation and extension of a sewage pumping station

In order to replace cast iron pipes and fittings and for the extension of the system in a waste­water pumping station our customer decided to offer a PE100 solution. For the reali­sation of special require­ments such as multi branched tees, pressure class conform flanges and constraints in assembly procedure and space he relied on the experience and the possi­bil­ities of Reinert-Ritz. We are proud to have designed, manufac­tured and delivered tailor-made fittings such as flow-optimized flanged reducers both concentric as well as eccentric, space saving elbows, multi branched tees – partly pre-assembled and partly a welding combi­nation of several of the special solutions ranging from d 1000 mm SDR 11 down to d 200 mm SDR 11. The modular design of the compo­nents consid­ering limited space and instal­lation sequences ensured a reasonable workflow and the completion of the job in time.