Say Tees!

A final report about the very inter­esting project for the sewage plant near Boras in Sweden. This time regarding the 7 km long pipeline. The pipeline was equipped with several air release valves to be able to release gases. It was chosen to install a pair of these valves on a collector mounted on Reinert-Ritz PE100 tees. The tees were of the dimension d 1000 mm SDR 17 with a branch of d 450 mm SDR 17. For easier fitting to the rest of the system, the tees were elongated with pipe ends to 1 meter directly in the factory.

The solution with fully pressure compliant tee’s milled of homogenous extruded PE100 rods is a once in a lifetime investment since the PE100 is completely corrosion resistant. Unlike the stainless steel collectors which will require regular mainte­nance, the PE pipeline and PE fittings will shine with enjoyable low lifecycle cost. Well, the collectors in PE100 is for the next time!