The right solution

For the new pump station of the sewage plant near Boras in Sweden, Reinert-Ritz was offered the oppor­tunity to contribute two puddle flange fittings in PE 100 in combi­nation with our special flange to the project. The puddle flanges allowing to lead the pipes into the pump station of the plant were of 1.000 mm in diameter SDR 17. For easier fitting to the rest of the system, these were elongated with pipe ends to 4 meter directly in the factory. The installed special flange becomes necessary with flange transition pieces to acces­sories where large cross-section changes occur due to the flange joint dimen­sions and the plastic pipe dimen­sioning. The advantage of the special flange is on one side that it helps to maintain a laminar flow of the sewage water without creating turbu­lences in front of the connected accessory and secondly, to avoid actuation problems of the valves as a result of the displacement in dimen­sions. Ordinary weld stub also tend to fail under full pressure.

With the special flange connection, Reinert-Ritz can solve all these problems and enable the pressure class-compatible connection of plastic pipes to acces­sories with the same inner diameter. The stub end is designed as a fixed flange and is fitted with a backing flange. This allows the accessory to be selected according to the nominal size of the pipe – one step less than in the case of a conven­tional loose flange connection which reduces the project costs and the risk of deposits.