Seamless bend up to 90°

The Reinert-Ritz bends are manufac­tured from high-quality pipe and are available with degree values of up to 90°. Long welding ends enable processing with electro­fusion sockets and the heated element butt welding procedure. The seamless bends have favourable flow charac­ter­istics and, with their large specific radius, they enable the use of pigs. All bends can be individ­ually adapted to meet your requirements.



Data sheet

Tender text

PE100 bends, seamless

General preliminary remark

The fittings to be offered must be manufactured from material in compliance with the PE100+ Association and according to DIN EN 12201 or DIN EN 1555 with respect to the pipe connection dimensions. Proof must be provided that they were manufactured on the basis of a quality assurance system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. For all fittings a certificate in accordance with DIN EN 10204 must be submitted by the manufacturer.

The body of the fitting must be manufactured from PE100 pipe.

The pipe connections must be designed as a spigot in a shape sufficiently long for HE butt welding or HW welding and must have the same nominal diameter as the pipeline.



Following DIN EN 12201 and DIN EN 1555, DVS 2207, DVS 2210, DIN EN 10204, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001



Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN ISO 10204 for the semi-finished material from the processed raw material with indication of MFR and OIT; only PE100 material in compliance with PE100+ Association

Manufacturer certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011




Reinert-Ritz GmbH or equivalent


Performance specification:

PE100 bend, seamless, … for … [medium] pipeline, pressure-class compatible, with long welding ends for installation in a pipeline with the dimension DN/OD ... SDR ... Nominal pressure level PN ...

Proof of delivery:

Reinert-Ritz GmbH

Ernst-Heinkel-Straße 2

48531 Nordhorn

Tel.: +49 5921 8347-0

Fax: +49 5921 8347-25


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