Hydrant connec­tions

Sophis­ti­cated down to the last detail

With the special flange joint, the Reinert-Ritz DVGW-certified hydrant connec­tions made of PE100 offer full flow volume and the highest tensile strength for secure instal­lation of the hydrant. In the case of SDR 11 and SDR 17, wall thickness is greater by 50% and 130% respec­tively compared to other commer­cially available products made of PE100. This extends the service life of the hydrant connection signif­i­cantly. In addition, an extensive foot offers very high stability. The flange version is fitted with a backing flange made of fibre-reinforced, corrosion-free plastic, which reduces weight and facil­i­tates handling. As an alter­native to the flange, hydrant connec­tions for BAIO® or a spigot are available. Special variants such as crosses or X‑crosses for the construction of pipe junctions and inter­sec­tions are also available. All variants are available with a spigot or with the longi­tu­di­nally force-locked REINOGRIP push-fit coupler.

Hydrants fitting programm

Possi­bil­ities of our hydrant fittings

Combine as you like. Just right for your appli­cation. The infor­mation graphic shows which possi­bil­ities we offer with our program. Also take into account that each connection can be scaled differ­ently. This opens up endless possi­bil­ities for efficient supply.

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