Flange Finder


Here you will find the ideal flange for the connection to a valve. Over the years we have put quite a lot of thought into our flange connec­tions. The result is less leakage and substan­tially reduced costs with regard to valves.





What is a connection that is in accor­dance with nominal widths?


Due to differing pipe wall thick­nesses but identical flange connection dimen­sions, marked cross-section varia­tions occur in PE/PP and steel/cast fittings, especially from DN/OD 355 mm. A special flange connection equalises the resulting offset. Deposi­tions and flow problems are minimised. A connection results that is in accor­dance with nominal widths. In addition, narrow flaps can be used without these hitting the PE stub end. This enables at the same time to reduce project costs.
In some cases both a HP flange and a special flange can be used. However, in the case of valve connec­tions from DN/OD 355 mm we generally recommend the use of a special flange instead of a loose flange connection.