Optimum planning of PE 100 and PP pump rooms

Pumpenraum aus flexiblen PE 100 Formteilen

Pump rooms are often very confined spaces. The quality of the planning and choice of materials is crucial to whether the system will be successful in the long term or not. Pump rooms are often made of steel or stainless steel, although subse­quent pipelines are planned in PE 100 or PP. PE 100 and PP can be planned just as flexibly as steel/stainless steel pipes — with a few advan­tages to boot! Read here what is possible in PE 100 and PP and be inspired!

Require­ments for modern pump rooms

Planning pump rooms is a major challenge. There are many require­ments that need to be recon­ciled. Cost efficiency, space and aesthetics are just some of the factors that need to be considered.

PE 100 pipes and fittings are the perfect solution for your pump rooms! PE 100 pipes and fittings offer many advan­tages for the planning of pump rooms. You can implement your planning quickly and cost-effec­tively with the tried-and-tested standard fittings. And thanks to the special molded parts, you can solve planning challenges easily and efficiently.

Polyeth­ylene 100 is the perfect solution for many appli­ca­tions: Drinking water, raw water, waste water, process water, cooling water. Polyeth­ylene pipes and fittings are extremely reliable, easy to install and also look really good.

Plan now with our PE 100 molded and connecting parts and see for yourself!

PE 100 T-Kreuzstück mit eingebauten Gewindeanschln für Messtechnik - kompakt bauen mit individuellen PE 100 Formteilen
Das icon in petrol zeigt ein Zahnrad, das bei Feuchtigkeit anfällig für Korrosion ist

Corrosion-free — resistant to many substances

Der Sonderflansch VP ist in Flanschverbindungen besonders kosteneffizient

Many PE 100 projects are convincing thanks to low costs

PE 100 lässt sich sehr gut und zuverlässig verlegen

PE 100 can be laid very well and reliably

Sonderformteile und Sonderverbindungstechnik für jede Herausforderung

Special molded parts and special connection technology for every challenge

If you can’t get any further with standard molded parts: save space and costs and solve tricky problems with individual PE 100 molded parts

Are you reaching your planning limits? That doesn’t have to be the case! Our special molded parts made of PE 100 are the perfect solution for you. By combining T‑pieces, branches, dimension changes, measuring connec­tions and bends or elbows in one compact component, you can solve all your problems — and often in a single component. Our special molded parts made of PE 100 provide you with the perfect solution for your planning problems. By combining different elements in one component, you can get exactly the shape you need. Whether for welding in or flanging in, we will find the right solution.

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