PE site cap

For the temporary sealing of pipe ends during work inter­rup­tions. Prevents the ingress of water and other contaminants.
For PE-pipes with pipe dimen­sions d 90 mm – d 315 mm and cast iron-pipe with pipe dimen­sions DN 80 – DN 300.

The roll ring function enables:

  • quick and easy sealing of the pipe during work interruptions
  • attachment without chamfering the pipe end and without any lubricant
  • sealing up to 1 m water column

The site cap impresses with:

  • low weight, thanks to PE material
  • sustain­ability, as it can be reused several times

Your benefit:

  • pipe end remains clean for further processing
  • faster resumption of pipe processing
  • less waste on the construction site



PE side cap datasheet