The history of Reinert-Ritz from 1970 until today

Founded in 1970 as an engineering office for plastic technology, Karl-Albert Reinert focused on devel­oping material-oriented plastic solutions. Even then, this relatively new material offered a diverse range of appli­ca­tions. However, the technical production capabil­ities had yet to be developed. The first production site was estab­lished in Radevormwald, near Wuppertal in Germany. This facility manufac­tured customer-specific product solutions out of polyeth­ylene and polypropylene with specially extruded hollow bars and solid rods.

In order to expand its production capac­ities, the company opened a further production facility in the Klausheide-Ost indus­trial quarter in Nordhorn on the outskirts of the county of Bentheim in 1992. This facility manufac­tures semi-finished goods and products for apparatus and piping construction.

The production process is monitored from the delivery of the raw materials to the completion of the semi-finished goods and products using state-of-the-art systems to national and inter­na­tional quality standards and direc­tives. The success of Reinert-Ritz GmbH is the product of its research and devel­opment expertise provided by experi­enced and highly motivated employees together with its modern production facilities.

Today, Reinert-Ritz GmbH numbers among the leading manufac­turers of hollow bars up to 2,800 mm and solid rods up to 1,650 mm. These are manufac­tured to the highest quality and with more than 200 dimen­sions primarily out of polyeth­ylene and polypropylene . The products manufac­tured in in Nordhorn form the foundation for a vast range of fittings for gas and water supply, pressurised sewage piping, sewers and landfill sites along with the petro­chemical industry. Reinert-Ritz has earned its reputation in both national and inter­na­tional markets as a worldwide expert for demanding customer solutions and for large fittings, in particular.