Pump room PE 100 for process water

Pumpenraum aus flexiblen PE 100 Formteilen

Construction work on our new building began in 2015. We had decided to plan a future-oriented pump room for our cooling water supply. However, we soon encoun­tered problems for which we had to come up with new solutions. It was partic­u­larly challenging that parts of the pipeline were laid under the founda­tions and therefore months before the pump room was removed. To cope with the limited space, we had to come up with a flexible solution. Thanks to the clever planning and hard work of our team, the pump room could be realized as planned. The result is impressive: The pump room is functional, easy to maintain and also future-proof thanks to the PE 100. Our customers also benefit from the newly found solutions to problems. Find out which solutions we have used:

Corrosion-free and reliable PE 100 flange connec­tions in the pump chamber

Für den Anschluss von PE Rohrleitungen an Pumpen, Armaturen, Absperrklappen und Stahl- oder GFK-Rohrleitungen wurde der Sonderflansch VP entwickelt.

Flange connec­tions are one of our core compe­tencies. We have developed flanges that are highly reliable and solve many problems in PE 100 pipeline construction.

In our pump room, we have installed our flanges in metal replacement quality for the first time. 100% plastic and maximum relia­bility. Your advantage: No corrosion and less weight.

Leckagen an Flanschverbindungen vermeiden

Our HP ME flange is the reliable loose flange connection with many advantages:

Der HP Flansch verteilt die Flanschverbindungen auf mehr Fläche
Plastic-compatible design = more safety against leaks
Der HP-Flansch ist voll druckbelastbar.
Collar and flange are one unit = there can be no confusion or incorrect assembly of collar and flange
Der Sonderflansch VP ist in Flanschverbindungen unkompliziert zu installieren
Easy instal­lation thanks to fixed flange, compre­hensive instal­lation instruc­tions and reliable instal­lation guidelines

Our special flange VP was specially developed for connecting PE pipelines to pumps, fittings, butterfly valves and steel or GRP pipelines.

Optimalier Durchfluss durch minimalen Versatz
Minimized inner diameter offset = no flaps hitting, no deposits
Der Sonderflansch VP hat in Flanschverbindungen eine hohe Stabilität
High stability = minimized risk of leakage
Der Sonderflansch VP ist in Flanschverbindungen besonders kosteneffizient
Optimum pairing of PE pipe and fittings = signif­icant savings potential for fittings and steel/GRP pipelines

Config­urable PE 100 filters for the pump room

Our PE 100 filter is the best choice for you if you need a flexible filter. Thanks to the flexi­bility of our molded part production, we can configure the filter entirely according to your wishes. This means that the forward and return flow can be flexibly positioned in the configuration.

It is also easy to use, as the filter can be backwashed and opened using a practical quick-release fastener.

PE 100 Filter mit Vor- und Rücklauf
PE 100 Filter nach Kundenwunsch konfigurierbar
PE 100 Filter einfach bedienbar durch

PE 100 pump transi­tions — flow-optimized, flexible or adjustable

Das Quick-Twist Pass- und Ausbaustück ist ein echter Durchbruch im Rohrleitungsbau

The ideal pump transition is not only flow-optimized, but also offers flexible options for connecting measurement and control technology. This allows you to operate your pumps more effec­tively and save costs at the same time.

The Quick-Twist fitting and extension piece is a real break­through in pipeline construction. Thanks to the simple twist lock, it can be adjusted in an instant — without any threaded rods or fiddling around. The best thing about it: Quick-Twist is completely corrosion-free. So you can be sure that your pumps and valves will be perfectly maintained in the future.

Quick-Twist is ideally suited for connection to valves (gate valves, butterfly valves, MID, …) and pumps on both the suction and discharge side.

Would you like to plan a pump room, distri­b­ution shaft, pump shaft, water­works or other tricky exten­sions in PE 100 or PP? We support you in the planning process, and together we will find simple and economical solutions that best suit your requirements.

PE 100 floor bushing with power trans­mission and sealing — a clever solution for the pump room

Planning a PE 100 pipeline in the Riem Arcaden in Munich was a challenge. One question was how PE 100 pipelines can be routed verti­cally through floors and at the same time reliably transfer the forces into the structure. Together with the respon­sible planners, a PE 100 fixed point collar was developed especially for connection to buildings. The collar is designed to reliably transfer the forces between the PE 100 pipe and the wall or floor. In addition, a large-volume seal seals the core drill hole so that no water or dirt can penetrate. You can rely on our many years of experience and our service.

We like the solution so much that we also use it in our pump room. The water reservoir is located under the pump and the risers on the suction side are fixed to the floor with our PE 100 fixed point collar.

Ein PE 100 Festpunkt-Bund speziell für den Anschluss an Bauwerke

Incredible flexi­bility that provides planning security — PE 100 push-fit socket for a very special application

The planning of our pump room presented some challenges! One particular challenge was the connection of a pipeline line, which was laid under the foundation at a very early stage of construction. The space available did not allow the pumps, tanks and heat exchangers to be moved. So we had to find a way to compensate for the inaccu­racies in the shell.

Our idea: a socket that can be connected to the reinforcing steel. This allowed the position of the pipeline to be fixed well. The highlight of the push-in socket is that it is flexible in terms of insertion depth and insertion angle. Thanks to this innovation, we were able to equip the pump room as planned!

Eine Steckmuffe, die an den Bewehrungsstahl angebunden werden kann und die in der Einstecktiefe und im Einsteckwinkel flexibel ist.
Problemlösende PE 100 Steckmuffe - Mauerdurchführung - Festpunkt
Problemlösende PE 100 Steckmuffe - Ansicht von oben eingebaut
Problemlösende PE 100 Steckmuffe eingebaut in den Pumpenraum

PE 100 inter­me­diate flange distributor — compact and flexible

The inter­me­diate flange T‑piece is a flexible and popular solution, especially where space is limited. The T‑pieces are connected via flanges and can be configured with different outlets. You can also decide whether the inter­me­diate flange T‑piece is configured with a weld end or threaded connection.

PE 100 Zwischenflanschverteiler - Zwischenflansch-T-Stück
PE 100 Zwischenflanschverteiler - Zwischenflansch-T-Stück

Even more flexi­bility: the inter­me­diate flange distributor offers you the oppor­tunity to bring even more flexi­bility to your instal­lation. You can set outlets during instal­lation or at a later date. The outlet positions are sealed with dummy plugs, which can be replaced by weld-on sockets. This allows you to set up to four outlets flexibly.

Would you like to plan a pump room, distri­b­ution shaft, pump shaft, water­works or other tricky exten­sions in PE 100 or PP? We support you in the planning process, and together we will find simple and economical solutions that best suit your requirements.

Wir helfen Ihnen, einen anspruchsvollen Pumpenraum zu planen.