Quick Pig pigging station

Safe pigging from the ground surface

The Quick-Pig Station is a cleaning and inspection opening for pressure pipes that can be safely operated from the top of the ground. With the Quick-Pig Station, you save yourself a walk-in shaft structure and can maintain your pressure pipeline easily and safely. Whether checking, flushing, sucking or pigging, every­thing is done in no time.

The station is installed in the pressure pipeline via the pipeline construction, also as a subse­quent minimally invasive upgrade of a pressure pipeline. With the Quick-Pig Station, your employees can check, flush, suck and pig a pressure pipeline safely from the top of the terrain. This signif­i­cantly reduces the risk of injury and the time required for pigging. Quick-Pig supports you in a cost-effective way to implement the require­ments of the self-monitoring ordinance and at the same time reduces the life-cycle costs (manhole rehabil­i­tation) of the pipeline system.

Each Quick-Pig station is individ­ually adapted to your needs. We will be happy to advise you.


Data sheet

Tender text

PE100 Quick-Pig pigging station

General preliminary remark

The fittings to be offered must be manufactured from material in compliance with the PE100+ Association and according to DIN EN 12201 with respect to dimensions, tolerances and quality requirements. Proof must be provided that they were manufactured on the basis of a quality assurance system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. For all fittings a certificate in accordance with DIN EN 10204 must be submitted by the manufacturer.

The body of the fitting must be manufactured from a piece of homogeneous semi-finished material so as to ensure the required reinforcement and therefore high stability of the fitting. Semi-finished materials manufactured from wound rods or the subsequent application of other forms of reinforcing are not permitted.

The pigging station must be manufactured from PE100. It must be pressure class-compatible and consist of the housing with a positively insertable pig chamber (launcher) with the same diameter and with the bayonet connection with an O-ring seal and a stainless steel operating rod as well as a dome appropriate to the installation depth and that is closed pressure-tight with a blind cover on the upper side. All materials used within the fitting must be manufactured from corrosion-free material. The seal must be manufactured from media-resistant material.

The pipe connections must be designed as a spigot in a shape sufficiently long for HE butt welding or HW welding and have the same nominal diameter as the pipeline that is to be pigged. The inner beads of the HE butt welding joint must be removed.

Due to its constructional design the pigging station can be installed underground in the pipeline without a manhole and can also be operated from the ground surface. Standard manhole covers appropriate to the traffic load to be expected must also be taken into account as a separate item.

Bayonet connections with a pig receiving function are optionally/additionally available. Both versions of the bayonet connection (launcher and receiver) must be interchangeable and can be optionally implemented with a Storz coupling as a flushing connection.

The pipe connections can be optionally fitted with REINOGRIP pull-resistant push-fit couplers and/or flange connections appropriate to the isolation valve to be used. The flanges used must be manufactured from corrosion-free, fibre-reinforced plastic. The stub and flange must interlock in a positive fit at their connecting surfaces and the flange must provide additional support to the stub from outside so as to counteract deformation. As a result, the flange connection is fully pressure-resistant according to the pipe dimensioning.


DIN EN 12201, DIN EN 1092-1, DIN 4124, DIN EN 1671, DWA-A 116-2, DVS 2207, DVS 2210, DIN EN 10204, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 50001


Acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN ISO 10204 for the semi-finished material from the processed raw material with indication of MFR and OIT; only PE100 material in compliance with PE100+ Association

Manufacturer certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2011


Reinert-Ritz GmbH or equivalent

Performance specification:

PE100 Quick-Pig pigging station (launcher) for … [medium] pipeline, pressure class-compatible, for underground installation without manhole in a pipeline manufactured from ... [PE/PVC/…] of the size DN/OD ... x ... mm SDR ...


□ with flushing connection □ 2“

□ 4“ (from d 200 mm)

Including accessories:

□ bayonet connection as pig receiver

□ bayonet connection as pig receiver with flushing connection □ 2“

□ 4“ (from d 200 mm)

□ press lever



□ PE100 pipe socket d ... SDR ..., length ... mm

flange DN ... d ... SDR … PN ...

□ pull-resistant push-fit coupler d ...


□ PE100 pipe socket d ... SDR ..., length ... mm

□ flange DN ... d ... SDR … PN ...

□ pull-resistant push-fit coupler d ...

Overall length … mm]

Pipe cover: ... mm

Operating pressure: ... bar

Proof of delivery:

Reinert-Ritz GmbH

Ernst-Heinkel-Straße 2

48531 Nordhorn

Tel.: +49 5921 8347-0

Fax: +49 5921 8347-25


Email: contact@reinert-ritz.com

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