Flange connec­tions

Flanges in (plastic) pipeline construction: from the wooden to the high-perfor­mance solution

Histo­ryFor thousands of years pipelines have been used for the defined supplying or discharging of fluids. In each era, the choice of material was deter­mined by avail­ability and the latest technology. There are plenty of examples: Findings of several under­ground masonry sewerage systems even date back to 3,800 BC, in the Antique period. Relics of the water supply systems of cities in the Roman Empire date back to the time before 500 BC. These can still be viewed today as brickwork aqueducts. A further devel­opment in piping technology for water supply systems was marked by the use of hollowed-out wooden trunks in the Middle Ages. Down to the present day, wooden water pipes or fragments of such pipes, which can be dated back to the 17th century, have been found repeatedly during civil engineering work.

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Find the right flange for your application

Our flange program offers a safe solution for every appli­cation. Only which flange fits which instal­lation situation? With this infor­mation graphic we want to make your decision easier.

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